Fears can be a big issue for some beings. They can have various causes that in many cases do not exist at all or no longer exist. In my experience these causes and triggers can still remain stored and keep resurfacing from time to time. I have put a spell together for several commonly occurring fears to eliminate these stored pieces of information about fear. Use it whenever this fear becomes an issue in your life and watch your reactions on it. You can also try out once some of the fears that you do not find relevant to you. These are sometimes deeply hidden and you can only become aware of them when you feel some kind of reaction.

However unique and individual every visitor can be, various reactions can occur accordingly depending on the problems. Starting with extreme tiredness up to deep sleep lasting several minutes, frequent and heavy yawning, pins and needles up to complete numbness of single limbs, abdominal bloating, heat, cold, dizziness, headache, migraine, extreme heaviness to the point of being unable to raise single limbs. Increased awareness of organs; tightness or the feeling of a lump in your throat, entire parts of your spine becoming noticeable, obvious reactions of your heart, heaviness and tightness in your chest or breathing problems up to shortage of breath. Feelings which are focused on can be clearly perceived. There is no limit to the scale of possible reactions. This is not supposed to frighten the visitor but rather to point out that the intensity and the localizing of the reactions arising do not always correspond to the expectations of one´s waking state.

Please note that body reactions might arise.
Please wait at each topic about 5 minutes and allow your reactions to wear off.
Please repeat each topic once a day until there are no more reactions.

Click a topic and you will be taken directly to the possible solution via the Instruction Room.

Put your finger on my big nose and concentrate on reading my advice slowly.